Weight Loss, Diet & Fitness Consultant

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    i-weight loss


    i-Weight Loss is a complete health and nutrition program that includes 8 relevant lessons for today's busy person who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. This great basic wellness program covers all of the important health issues families face today... exercise, eating out, beverages, portion control and nutrition education are just a few.


    The 8 Applications for Health are a fun, effective way to better your health, lower your weight, and educate your family too on living a healthy lifestyle.


    Lessons include:

    i-move, i-choose, i-drink, i-read, i-veg, i-measure, i-order, i-health

    This course is 4 weeks (8 total classes) and classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays; each class is taught independent so you can join in at anytime.

    Sign-up today and we will email you all the information to attend the next class.


    E-Book Description

    Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Are you fed up with the outright lies of the diet industry and fitness gurus? Galvanized by their deceptions, author Chazz Weaver not only tells you the truth in his new book The OC Diet Revolution, he lives it. Chazz has been conducting extensive research in the areas of health and fitness for over 25 years, and at the age of 50 he has a health and fitness level that surpasses many 20- and 30-year-old today. The OC Diet Revolution explains how to develop a framework for your individual needs so you can achieve the results you want without giving up the foods you love.

    DVD Description

    Down Size Me is a documentary film produced by James Troost, and written by and starring Chazz Weaver. In reaction to Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 documentary film Super Size Me, Chazz Weaver goes on a crusade to dispel nutritional myths by conducting his own fast food diet. The film, which opened at the Newport Beach Film Festival and won Best Documentary short at the Mass Bay Film Festival, documents Chazz’s 30 day McDonald’s only diet, a project he undertook to debunk popular notions about fast food such as “it will make you fat”.


    The film illustrates how Chazz Weaver lost 8 pounds of body fat, improved his cholesterol, and maintained his six pack abs while only eating McDonald’s food for 30 days straight.

    ?010 Copyright 2011 Chazz Weaver.. All rights reserved.